Pick a noun, any noun, and make it a nickname….?

The joy of Thai names is that they are long, really long (see earlier post about Bangkok’s name).  So Thai people choose a nickname and that is what they go by, even teachers.

Here is a random sampling of the names I will have in my classes:

Pin, Cartoon, First, Ray, Tee, Benz, Got, Guitar, Gift, Boy, Winnie, Mai-Q, Atom, Maxim, Wave, Ultra, Zen, and June.

In total, I will have about 100 kids over 6 classes.  Compared to the typical Thai classroom size of 40-50 students, I am lucky!  Some of the previous teachers said that they would just teach to the few that would listen as it was a waste of time and energy to try to get everybody’s attention.  My largest class is 20 and my smallest class is 12.  I’m sure I will have their names down soon!

1 thought on “Pick a noun, any noun, and make it a nickname….?

  1. Sharon

    So much fun to learn a little about how you are experiencing
    Thailand. You will be opening your mind to a very different culture, an experience that can’t help but change your world view. Eager to share your journey vicariously. Lovedoma


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