To explain Bangkok traffic is useless, a diagram is much better (thank you to Karen for the idea!).

Bangkok Traffic diagram

Things of note:

– Vehicle direction is British style, not American/European style

– If a car/motorbike honks at you, it means they are going so you better wait

– There are a lot of turnaround areas and somehow people manage to turn around in them despite a stream of oncoming traffic.  All traffic will actually stop at times in order to let the line of U-turners go

– Pedestrian crossings are dangerous, it is much better to use overpasses

– While in pedestrian crossings, pedestrians must look out for motorbikes who are too impatient to wait until a U-turn area to change directions.  They will just stop at a pedestrian crossing and wait for the all clear to enter traffic.

– Bikes and motorbikes will go against oncoming traffic in the lane closest to the sidewalk if they have made a U-turn but need to backtrack on the other side of the street.  They will also use the sidewalks.

– Pedestrians must be ready at any time for a bike or motorbike to come zooming by on the sidewalk

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