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To all the saints who have asked about care packages

Thank you! I am never going to say no to a care package, however, I also don’t want you to waste your money. I am very fortunate to have all necessities and beyond readily available to me. For those items that I am unable to find, I simply adapt. Being in Bangkok makes satisfying cravings easy. For instance I had a craving for Fritos so I went to Villa Market (Think Whole Foods) and bought some. I had a craving for Mexican food so I went into the city and had a pitcher of margaritas and enchiladas (Frida collage is from the restaurant).



Between Villa Market, which is only a ten minute walk, and the Mega Mall (home to the only Ikea in Thailand), which is a ten minute taxi ride away, I am all set! There are Pop-Tarts, Lindt chocolate, Washington apples, all kinds of cereal, almond milk, etc. The hardest things to find are only bug spray with DEET, non-whitening sunscreen, and tampons. Fortunately I brought plenty of all these with me.

If you read all this and still want to send me something then please send photos or crayon drawings that I can add to my white walls.


No Knife Necessary

The only knives ones sees in Thailand are big knives. Knives of the butchering or chopping nature. Good luck finding a butter knife for your bread…. wait there isn’t bread here…. Now it all makes sense. No need for a butter knife when there is no bread to butter!

A typical Thai dining experience will include only a fork and a spoon. The spoon is used with your right hand (for right-handed people) and the fork with your left. The only purpose of the fork is to push food onto the spoon. The spoon is the most important utensil here. It can cut, shovel, and separate all of the food. At lunch I do grab a fork but I find that I don’t even use it unless there is a food such as shrimp that needs to have the head and outer shell separated from the actual meat. I am a pro at using my spoon and fork to separate the two!

Another set of utensils that can be found in Thailand are the soup spoon (Thai version, not American) and chopsticks. I wish Americans would adopt this type of soup spoon as it makes so much sense and also allows for a little bit of sloshing on the way up to your mouth.