To all the saints who have asked about care packages

Thank you! I am never going to say no to a care package, however, I also don’t want you to waste your money. I am very fortunate to have all necessities and beyond readily available to me. For those items that I am unable to find, I simply adapt. Being in Bangkok makes satisfying cravings easy. For instance I had a craving for Fritos so I went to Villa Market (Think Whole Foods) and bought some. I had a craving for Mexican food so I went into the city and had a pitcher of margaritas and enchiladas (Frida collage is from the restaurant).



Between Villa Market, which is only a ten minute walk, and the Mega Mall (home to the only Ikea in Thailand), which is a ten minute taxi ride away, I am all set! There are Pop-Tarts, Lindt chocolate, Washington apples, all kinds of cereal, almond milk, etc. The hardest things to find are only bug spray with DEET, non-whitening sunscreen, and tampons. Fortunately I brought plenty of all these with me.

If you read all this and still want to send me something then please send photos or crayon drawings that I can add to my white walls.


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