The 3 (or 4) Ss of China

There are typically 3 Ss associated with China:

1) Smoking
– There are no ordinances to control smoking in public, restaurants, and hotels. As a result it is common to see the person next to you light up as they are eating or to walk into an elevator filled with smoke.

2) Spitting
– Do you remember that scene in Titanic where Jack is trying to teach Kate how to spit over the side of the boat? That plus some is what spitting is like in China. It is an obnoxious sound, almost as if the people are winding up for the spit. You hear it continuously.

3) Staring
– I am used to be stared at so this doesn’t bother me as much as I have stopped noticing it most of the time, but other people in my group have commented on the staring. They will stare even after you have made eye contact with them.

A fourth I would like to add is this:

4) Smog
– Every city we have been to thus far has the smog haze over it. It affects your throat and also the distance you can see. Rain doesn’t even help it. Earlier this year in Beijing, it reached a level that was 26 times more than the amount considered safe by the World Health Organization. You wonder what effect it has on the health of Chinese citizens.


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