Chinese Lunar New Year

In Thailand, as in a lot of SE Asia, there are a lot of Chinese. As a result, the Lunar New Year is celebrated. This year marks the year of the sheep or the goat (they share the same Chinese character so it is hard to tell what the precise term is in English).

There is not a celebration at my school as there is not a large enough Chinese population in my area. Only one of my students was missing due to the celebration. I was quite impressed that he had the foresight to tell me that he would not be in class today for our test and that he would like to take it on Monday.

Our local mall has covered all of the “winter holidays.” As you will note in the photos below and in a previous post, they still have their Christmas decorations up (however the moving santas are no longer lit) but have added Chinese dragons and lamps for the New Year. It is a very pretty site to be welcomed by a dragon.




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