Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

From Railay I took a ferry over to Phuket Town and took a day trip to Phang Nga Bay. During the day we explored different caves that took us into lagoons that you never would have known were there. We went into one cave appropriately called  bat cave that was filled with sleeping bats. Only noticeable when we shined our headlamps on them. 

In the higher tide these lagoons would have only been accessible by helicopter or an extreme rock climber. With such a low tide there were times that our sea kayak was in only inches of water. A thick layer of mud was evident as were an enormous amount of mudskippers and a few monkeys. 

When we paddled along the towering rock walls we found crabs and snails.  The crabs and mudskippers reminded me of ants in that you might not notice them at first glance but just stop and stare and all of the sudden there is movement all around. 

In the evening we went into the caves again and the sea was lit up with bioluminescent plankton. 

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