Have you ever been to North Dakota?

I now have! I volunteered for the work trip as it is one of the few states I still need. 

My trip brought me to Grand Forks, ND which is right on the Minnesota border. 

Grand Forks is home to the University of North Dakota. Given the extremely cold winters they have, the university has lots of above and below ground heated tunnels to help people get around. Fortunately it wasn’t quite below zero temperatures when I visited. 
 I had a chance to check out downtown area that featured a lot of cool sculptures. It was definitely a small area as expected but there were some interesting shops and cool eateries. I was hoping to find a sports bar to watch a specific game and I looked up and found the game I wanted in a second floor space. After locating the entrance I made my way into the Loft sports bar. There were some game tables and a big open area. It seemed like the place to be on football weekend. 

For lunch one day I drove to the Minnesota side of the city, officially called East Grand Forks, and went to the Blue Moose Bar & Grill. It has great character and I can imagine it as the place to be in the summer with a big outdoor deck. 


 The airport only has two gates but is quite modern and “comfortable” if you will. No need to worry about the security lines here.




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