As a visitor to Buenos Aires, I highly recommend doing a typical tourist activity – a tango show.

These are well coordinated and definitely aimed at tourists but I feel as though they are worth it. The ticket will include a pick up from your hotel, dinner, and a show.

I went to a show at Tango Porteño which I felt was fantastic! There was a live band playing during the tango. The costumes were exquisite. As were the singers. It felt like an authentic show and not one just catered to tourists as I mentioned above.

The dinner had free flowing wine and they always made sure your glass was full.

As a “table of 1” person, I started chatting with the gentleman next to me who was also there alone. He was from Japan but lives in Brazil and has lived there for the last 30 years. We had an absolutely fascinating conversation throughout the evening. One of the benefits of traveling solo is being able to easily engage with other travelers. I had many unique conversations as a result.

On the way to the event, I had a delightful conversation with my driver that eventually led to discussing how Spanish differs among Spanish-speaking countries with different slang and word preference. img_9269img_9271img_9272img_9273


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