Ushuaia – El Fin del Mundo

First off – The view! Flying into Ushuaia is amazing! Beautiful snow-capped peaks. The water. And then a peak at the town as we landed. IMG_9277.JPGIMG_9280.JPG

One of the best places to start in the city is El Museo del Fin del Mundo. It’s made up of two different buildings, one what I believe is the old Post Office and another that used to be the seat of the government. It discusses the history of the area, including the artifacts found of the Yamanes, the original inhabitants of this area. They were naked people, even in the freezing land. When the Europeans came and gave them clothing to wear, they started getting sick with diseases that had never been experienced by their people before as their nakedness was more hygienic and allowed them to be cleaned naturally by the earth. img_9293img_9294img_9292

The area has had many different shipwrecks due to the rough seas and unique topography and channels. Monte Cervantes was a ship that left Buenos Aires for Ushuaia with 1,100+ passengers and 300+ crew in January of 1930. The people came and visited Ushuaia before continuing their journey. Note that Ushuaia had a population of only 800 at the time. Shortly after they left, the ship was ripped open and began to sink. All survived and eventually made it back to Ushuaia via boat or trekking. When the captain and some crew members went back to retrieve some papers, the captain was lost with the ship as it suddenly tilted.

In the town, every shelter was used and the prison helped provide extra materials and clothing to the passengers until another ship could be found to transport these people back to Buenos Aires.

The museum also houses a number of bird and mammal species of the area to help you distinguish them.


Across the street from the museum is the famous “El Fin del Mundo” sign. Of course, everyone takes their photo with it. While my photo was being taken, a friendly pack of dogs wanted to join in on the fun. One dog is seen lifting his leg to pee 🙂 IMG_9309.JPG

Being the end of the world, there is a casino as well…IMG_9326.JPG

And a Hard Rock that was still in the process of being built when I was first there and had been completed by the time I came back. IMG_9284.JPG

Some general observations:

  • The trash cans are raised bins, basically a wire basket on top of a pole.IMG_9344.JPG
  • Sometimes it’s easier to just read the Spanish version than the English version as the translation doesn’t make it across…
  • If you stop by the tourist information center by the waterfront, you can stamp your passport with an “End of the World” stamp.
  • There a beautiful Lupin flowers everywhere in Ushuaia!IMG_9324.JPGIMG_9321.JPGIMG_9299.JPG
  • I was offered three different condiments with a meal.IMG_9419.JPGIMG_9420.JPG
  • All around Ushuaia there are references to its ties to Antarctica, with various penguin statues and paintings, and signs referencing the continent. img_9418img_9289img_9320img_9322IMG_9315.JPG


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