Elephant Point

This was one of the best landings we had!

Elephant Point is on Livingston Island. There were lots of Elephant seals!

They tend to hang out together so we saw some excellent interactions.

The juveniles are learning to fight and they did so a lot! There were always strange calls and grunting noises from the various fights. Some seals were clustered on the beach. Others made their way up into the small hill areas and did the “worm” to get back down, jiggling their body forward.

The elephant seals are massive and the males can get up to 10,000 pounds! They dive deep for fish and squid.

There were also a number of Gentoo penguins on the island, with big chicks! They were were experiencing some independence and would wander away from their parents for a bit.

In some areas, seals had made their way into the nest area. All of the penguins would scurry away when the seals jiggled. For more on seals, visit this post.

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