Traveling and Trump…

So… the election… and now the presidency… As soon as the current U.S. president was elected, I anticipated it as a conversation topic while traveling. And it was…

There were a slight minority of U.S. travelers on my trip as we were outnumbered by Aussies. There were a good number of Canadians as well, with some Europeans and a dozen or so Chinese.

The election of this unique personality, who I have a not safe for print nickname, is a worldwide concern. I’m not sure if Americans understand this completely.

I’ve had discussions on trips about GW Bush and Obama. The thoughts were that GW was a surprise for reelection. Obama was a welcome figure for the international community. This newest figure, whose name I can’t even utter other than in the title, is an embarrassment for the U.S. The only thing I could say to my fellow human beings  on this trip was that he didn’t receive the popular vote…

One of the many bright sides of the trip was a break from political drama in the U.S. While I did read the daily New York Times International Bulletin that was printed out for us, with basic summaries of important happening including the death of Princess Leia and her mother, I more or less disconnected from everything else, refusing to pay an absurd amount for internet that I didn’t need. So essentially it was a 2 week vacation without internet, the best thing a person could ever ask for!


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