Types of Penguins


There are 18 species of penguins and I was privileged enough to see three of them: Gentoo, Adélie, and Chinstrap.

I was most fortunate to somehow photograph all three of these types on one rock at Gourdin Point. Typically they have their specific nesting areas and while there is some intermixing, it is rare to see all three together.

All three penguin types we saw!

From left to right: A guano covered Chinstrap penguin, a Gentoo penguin, and an Adelie penguin. I was most fortunate to capture all three together.

Gentoo penguins can be identified by their white headphones and red beak. They tend to be more curious and will come and check things out.


A Gentoo checks out a camera, ready for its closeup, while the Adelies look on.


The distinctive “headphones” of the Gentoo, with a chick and egg. With the egg exposed, it probably won’t survive unless it is covered up soon.



Adélie penguins have an all black head with a white eye ring and are a true Antarctic penguin. Unfortunately their numbers are decreasing due to the warming of the ocean, while the Gentoos are increasing. The Adélie were named after a French explorer’s wife.p1050929p1050930


This Adelie may have been nipped at by something in the water or gotten in a fight with another penguin.

Chinstrap penguins are easily identifiable and I hope that I don’t have to tell you why (they have a black chinstrap). They like to be on the top of rock and they make a lot of noise.P1050810.JPGP1060143.JPGp1050889p1050816

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