We were fortunate to see a lot of whales!

As whales travel in pods, you never saw just one. We saw Minke whales, Humpbacks, and a couple lucky souls even saw some Orcas early one morning.

The whales would pass by blowing water and showing their tails.

At one point, our captain stopped the boat as the humpback whales around us were extremely active. Just as you spotted one, you spotted two others. They breached and even waved to us! They were close enough that we could hear them breath. I think it was one of the most incredible parts of the whole trip.

Do whales sleep?

Humpbacks have to breath by coming to the surface so will shut off half of their brain in order to rest.

Whales and the Food Chain

Algae grows on ice and krill eat the algae. Humpback whales eat the krill. They’re filter feeders and will take a big gulp of water then filter out the krill via the baleen. Their throat is quite small.

Why do Humpbacks breach?

This is unknown actually. The theory is that they jump to get rid of some parasites. Another is that they are nice happy whales and are just socially active. Regardless of the reason, I was quite happy that they breached for us! My photos of this didn’t turn out that great thus the lack of them here. I was too focused on looking with my eyes that the camera didn’t follow unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective.

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