Geneva, Switzerland


Such a beautiful city! It reminds me of my hometown with the lake and lots of activity everywhere.20170618_162806927_iOS

On the lake are two must see (and it’s hard not to) attractions.

#1 – Le Jet d’eau de Geneve, a large jet stream of water in the middle of the lake. It shoots up 140m at 200 km/h, pumping 500 liters/sec. It was created in 1886 as a way to release excess pressure at a hydraulic plant. Due to its popularity it was moved to the harbor. It is lit up for various holidays.

#2 Bains des Paqui, a public swimming hole on a small jetty out in the middle of the lake. It’s a 2 CHF entrance fee and you can then take a dip in the lake. They have a wade in area, a diving area, and a nice cafe WITH coconut ice cream in a coconut shell that reminded me of being in Thailand it was that good. There isn’t a ton of shade but its a nice place to cool off for the evening.

Geneva is home to a large number of international organizations as one of the other homes of the United Nations (with NY being the other). More on that in other posts.20170619_134933673_iOS.jpg

Fun fact – if you stay in a hotel in Geneva they will give you a free transportation card!

One afternoon I wandered around the old town. The University of Geneve has a beautiful park like campus with a Reformation Wall. John Calvin, the founder of the University, played a major part in the Reformation as did the city of Geneva. The wall is a memorial to this past.20170622_134617999_iOS

Nearby you can walk into the walled parts of the city where St. Pierre Cathedral is. It is a rather beautiful place inside and sits in a semi-secluded area. I sat on a bench out front for awhile, enjoying the shade and peace and quiet.20170622_135442783_iOS

As you walk back to the lake, the famous flower clock is landscaped into a small hill in the park areas in front of the lake.20170622_143442223_iOS

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