ICRC (Red Cross)

The International Committee of the Red Cross/Crescent/Diamond is one of the many international organizations located in Geneva.

They have an excellent museum. There are three main exhibits: Defending Human Dignity, Restoring Family Links, and Reducing Natural Risks.

1864 was the time of the original Geneva Convention. It was the founding document of international humanitarian law establishing the logo of the Red Cross as an easily recognizable emblem. The convention was designed to protect workers and the wounded during war tie. The Ottoman Empire asked for another emblem other than a cross as it gave offense to Muslim soldiers, thus the Red Crescent was born. In the 2000s the diamond was created for those that can’t identify with the cross or the crescent.

The Geneva Convention established priority for protection for wounded, civilians, Red Cross workers, hospital/medical centers, religious or cultural property, places that could cause a major disaster or cause a lasting effect on the people if hit (for example, a nuclear plant or dam), and natural resources.

In one section they had 6 million index cards to cover 2 million people during WWI. THe cards tell when they were taken captive, where they were held, and when/if they died.

There was one wall full of children’s photos in Rwanda. As children don’t always know their name or information they did photo tracing.20170620_151316822_iOS


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