The Triangle, North Carolina

Do you remember where I mentioned that this was an East Coast College Tour? Well it finished in the Triangle. While we didn’t make it to all schools we did make it to UNC and Duke.

The University of North Carolina has a men’s basketball museum. It was fascinating to walk through and to see the Letter of Intent of Michael Jordan. It was even more interesting to see a section on academics… Google UNC men’s basketball academics if you don’t know what I’m talking about…

A stop and walk around Duke led us to the beautiful chapel and of course Krzyzewskiville, named for the famous Duke coach. I’ve been here a couple of times and always love seeing some of the most beautiful bathrooms in college athletics. They are renovating the upper part of their football stadium to give permanent concessions. It looks like it will be quite wonderful when it is done. Nearby are the Duke Gardens where are FREE and worth visiting if you have the time. I didn’t go this time but have in the past.

Near the UNC campus is a house that’s a stone castle!



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