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Bourbon. And Something Similar.

Our first distillery stop was Buffalo Trace. On the way in we randomly saw a Puerto Rican license plate. It was a unique one to add to our list because every road trip has to have a license plate list.

Buffalo Trace is just outside of Frankfort, Kentucky. After doing a Scotch road trip through Scotland, it was time to learn about something closer to home – Bourbon. The name comes from the Bourbon family of whom a county was named after. Barrels had the name of the county printed on them – Bourbon. Thus Bourbon was adopted as the name.

Bourbon involves the ABCs. Three important properties of Bourbon.  Made in America. An American White Oak Barrel, a wood-charred single-use Barrel must be used. These are typically exported afterwards (to Scotland and elsewhere). And finally, it has to be 51 percent Corn, an American grain.

Different floors of the warehouse create different flavors due to temperature fluctuations. They have different product lines based on recipe (again grain proportions), floor level, and time. Maker’s Mark is a company that rotates levels to keep a consistent flavor.

Buffalo Trace created a line of tornado whiskey as 11 years ago a tornado ripped off the roof. Amazingly no barrels were lost. The exposure to the sun, air, and other elements gave the whiskey a unique flavor. These bottles are selling for $32,000 online… (although I couldn’t find this in actuality, if anyone has any leads please let me know!)

In the tasting area we got a chance to try Bourbon Cream and some moonshine. The bourbon cream was rather unique and would be a nice addition to coffee (if you’re into that…) or tea or anything really.

In Tennessee we went to the Town Branch Distillery. They have a brewery as well but we skipped the brewery tour for the distillery part. They had some rum and a coffee type thing for tasting as well.

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to Jack Daniels. My S.O. had been there before but this was my first time. As it tends to be my drink of choice I was elated to say the least. View the next post for proper coverage of this.

West Virginia. Ohio. Kentucky.

Did you know that the way to describe West Virginia is as a fist with the middle finger sticking up?


Do you see it? Well we were on the middle finger for a stretch. We then headed over to Ohio to check out Ohio State. In some ways I felt our trip was a BIG 10/SEC college road trip.

Here’s Ohio Stadium, designed to have features of the Coliseum.

Then it was on to Cincinnati. Home of Rogue. We enjoyed dinner down on the waterfront near the stadiums. The waterfront area was apparently recently finished for the MLB All-Star game.

In Lexington, Kentucky we checked out Rupp Arena, which is right in the center of town. A block away is the home of Mary Todd Lincoln. We arrived too late for a tour but read the brief displays in the garden.