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A brief reflection – 6 months out

I’ve been in Thailand now for 6+ months.  It seems like a long time but it also seems very short.  My fellow teacher and I are at the point where we have now passed the midway point and we have also passed our big month off of travel.  We are excited to go home in a few more months but we are also excited to embrace the time we have left.

One of the things we both miss the most is cooking.  I know I’ve mentioned before that kitchens are not common in Thailand.  A Thai friend has welcomed us into her home on multiple occasions, a home that she and her late husband built, but all the did for a kitchen was a sink and some counter space.  When we have dinner at her place we stop by the market and pick up a few things or her mother will bring food over.

I love cooking!  I used to cook meals for my parents as a kid and have them come to my “restaurant” to order.  When I last lived overseas in Spain, I was fortunate to have a fair amount of free time which only enhanced my culinary abilities and my desire to get creative.  There were no pre-packaged mixes for cornbread or brownies so everything I made was completely from scratch.  They did have pasta sauce though.

The past few years my SO and I have shared a love of cooking and would plan out our meals each week, at least as much as we could considering our 60+ hour work weeks.  We utilized the crock pot, the grill, the oven, the VitaMixer, and of course the stove top.  It was always a fun adventure.  My favorite thing to do was simply chop vegetables, it helped me work out any issues I was having. 🙂

The other teacher and I have been fortunate to hang out with some ex-pats in center city Bangkok who are more than happy to let us use their kitchen.  I think they are even happier to eat what we produce.  Whether it is an intimate dinner for 4 or a dinner party for 30, we have loved cooking for our new friends.

Of all the people, things, etc. that I have to look forward to when I go back, I can definitely assure you that cooking will be one of the things I will be happy to re-embrace!