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Islas Malvinas

Islas Malvinas to the Argentine people. The Falklands to the British.

In the 1830s, the British took over the Falklands and sent all Spanish-speaking people back to mainland Argentina. Maps in Argentina still show the islands as belonging to Argentina and are labeled as Malvinas.

It’s said that the British people currently living on these islands are more British than actual Brits.

In 1982 when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of England, things reached a heated peak. She was losing popularity and needed a boost, the same was needed for the Argentine president at the time. Argentina had no allies to help them. Meanwhile, Chile let the British in which of course was quite upsetting for Argentina. The battle lasted 72 days with about 600 Argentine’s dying.

There is a one year cumpulsory service for Argentineans, meaning that many of those who fought were 18-22 with little to no preparation for actual battle. Despite their defeat, they still expected to receive a warm welcome when they returned with flags flying. This did not happen. They were told to forget about it and not speak about it.

While 600 died fighting, another 600 committed suicide when they got back as no services were made available to them.

All around Argentina, there are now memorials for those that lost their lives fighting for the Islas Malvinas.