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Cooler weather and baby powder

The temperature has dropped significantly since I first arrived in May. It gets down into the 60s at night now. The other morning I woke up around 5:30 and I had to grab a sweater. When I first arrived I slept with the AC on. After our month long break in October, I came back and the weather was beginning to cool. I just used my fan at night. In the past two months I haven’t even used the fan. The temperature is just right for sleeping.

On the walk to school it is tempting to put on a sweater but I haven’t quite needed to. Everyone at school has a sweater on though. One teacher always starts off the day in an arctic parka, and no I am not joking. Additionally, dogs have t-shirts put on them. Even big fluffy dogs. It is quite humorous.

One thing that helped me in the warmer months and that I still use today is baby powder. At first it just seemed silly to put baby powder all over my body but then I noticed a difference as soon as I put it on. It kept me cooler and feeling less sticky. There is a product called Prickly Heat that has menthol in it and leaves your skill feeling refreshed and cooled. There are baby powder containers all over my school, in both the classrooms and the bathroom. Teachers frequently put it on the younger kids faces, although I have a feeling the kid below applied his own….

Currently the temperature dips as low as the mid-60s at night and peaks around the mid-80s or 90 at most. I did not grow up with warm weather so I am surprised at how well I have adjusted. 90° no longer seems as hot as it once did. Although I am fortunate to not have to be outside during the hottest part of the day which helps.