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A trip to the Dentist!

I’ve had one dentist my entire life so I’m used to the same routine and the same people. Fortunately for him but unfortunately for me, he retired a few months ago which means I have no dentist to return to. I decided to take advantage of a travel insurance plan that pays for dentistry and experience my first overseas dentist appointment.

For starters it was short! Apparently a typical teeth cleaning only lasts 15 minutes! I feel as though more goes on with your normal dentist due to occasional X-Rays or other general care items. My normal appointment is an hour in the States.

As I laid down on the chair, I realized they didn’t hand me a pair of sunglasses to help shield the bright light. As I was shutting my eyes though, a donut-shaped cloth was put over my face. The hole of course going over my mouth. The dark color of the cloth acted as a shade. I normally watch the dentist so this was a different experience as I anticipated what came next. The dentist and assistant were very nice and asked me all sorts of questions, in addition to explaining their next move.

The only problem I had with my experience was water being sprayed up my nose! Eventually the assistant realized what was going on and covered my nose more with the cloth. They didn’t floss my teeth which I something I’m used to.

Overall it was a “normal” experience – same tools, same type of music playing, and same friendly people! And they said I had great teeth and gum health!

Silent “E” and other words

Working in class today with third graders, I was reviewing previous lessons on the silent E in words. There were a few unique misspellings – ‘homo’ instead of home and ‘rape’ instead of rope.

There’s a song that goes something like – What’s the fox say? Well my kids (all elementary age of course) get a kick out of stopping right after fox. With their accents it sounds like a different F word and they know it.

Did you know that the word vacuum can sound like FU when said with an accent? Well my kids picked up on that real quick. Some of them got to spend lunch eating with their teacher instead of friends as a result.

Christmas in Bangkok

They like to decorate early around here. Apparently they haven’t heard about the “no decorations before Thanksgiving” rule as the decorations at the local mall were up in late October. They have their “Merry Christmas” sign lit up and their “Happy New Year” sign ready to go on December 26. Rumor has it they will have pictures with Santa at some point. They have a few kiosks setup for a Christmas market but they are not occupied yet. Should be interesting to see how the Christmas spirit comes alive in Thailand.




The U.S. Embassy and Ambassador’s House

A friend works in the office across the street from the U.S. Embassy so I stopped by to take some aerial shots. Please excuse the reflection.  I barely escaped being yelled at when taking the photo of the Embassy sign. You can see the officer approaching in the background 🙂photo 5photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Down the street a little ways is the U.S. Ambassador’s house.  The U.S. Ambassador to Thailand is Krisite Kenney. If there were extreme rain, I’m sure that the ditch around the house would flood to form a moat.  The house seemed a little too exposed for my liking in the big city. I would want more shrubbery if I was living there. There appeared to be two residences/buildings on the property.

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1)

¡Buen Provecho!

I’ve been fortunate to find two places to indulge on one of my favorite types of food – Spanish food. There is a paella stand at Chatuchak Market, appropriately named “Paella,” complete with a Salvador Dalí poster. I did not get the paella unfortunately as there was a really long line and I had just eaten before making the discovery.

The second place is El Osito, a sandwich place by day and tapas bar by night. It has a sister restaurant right next door called La Monita, serving Mexican delights. I was more interested in the Spanish food however. I had a lovely glass or two of sangria and some patatas bravas. For those unfamiliar with Spanish food, these are fried up potatoes topped with a spicy sauce. They were delightful! I failed to take pictures though. I apologize.


Saturday brunch

The goal was to go to Minibar Royale for a nice brunch but turns out they are renovating so we wandered down Soi 23 for a little bit trying to find something that wasn’t a European-style breakfast. We found an excellent place! I wasn’t paying attention to the name of it but I think it was the cafe portion of Sha-Raku, a Japanese restaurant. I ordered banana ricotta pancakes with honey butter and they were amazing! I will definitely be returning.