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Half Moon Bay – Base Camara

Our final steps on Antarctica, were on Half Moon Island. After arriving, we soon received an invite from the Argentine Base, Base Camara, to visit!

But first we explored the rocky island and the large colony of Chinstrap penguins. Our paths were their highways so we had to move out of the way a LOT.

Towards the end of our time, we walked over the rocky beaches to the base. All of the rocks were round, which made it hard to walk as they all rolled out from under your feet.

The people at the base were incredibly friendly, especially when I started speaking Spanish with them. They offered us all coffee, tea, and water. There were also a few items to purchase. Unfortunately none of them said Antarctica on them though but rather Armada Argentina (Argentine Navy). Similar to Port Lockroy the items were expensive, so I bought a patch.

The people had just arrived at the base a few days before we arrived. Some of their supplies were still down at the shore and they were working on carrying them up to the base. There were a large number of orange tubs, containing sanitized rock and sand. These were to be used for repairs at the base.

Due to the Antarctic Treaty, nothing in Antarctica can be touched or moved. And everything brought to the frozen continent must be sanitized to remove any bacteria and potential invasive species.