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SF Giants

I have now been to two Giants games. The first the tickets were free and in the club level so to say the least I was spoiled the first time out. The second were in direct sunlight the whole time. I’m quite grateful to my sunscreen for holding up throughout. 🙂

Getting to a Giants game is quite easy as it is the last stop on the CalTrain. Additionally the CalTrain allows for the consumption of alcoholic beverages before 9pm. I’ve been on the CalTrain a few times for various things and I’ve seen people basically pull out a picnic lunch/dinner with a bottle of wine or some beers on their way to a game or concert. It’s quite a good policy in my opinion. 

AT&T Park is ideally located on the Bay so typically a nice breeze flows in and it allows for a pretty view. Kayaks and boats lurk in the home run and foul ball zones hoping to snag a souvenir. The ballpark is well-maintained and modern with ample food options. 

The outfield area has a kids zone with two slides as part of the Coca-Cola bottle. There are also seats in the outfield on bar stools with a bar table in front. Quite convenient.