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New athletic fields!

During our month long break in October, the school changed a gravel parking lot into a beautiful basketball court. There are also moveable polls so that the extremely popular game of badminton can be played. (The kids bring their own badminton rackets and have them sticking out of their backpacks in the classroom. I frequently confiscate them and use them as pointers when kids decide they want to play with them during class.) A fun fact about our basketball court is that it gets mopped, yes mopped, my the custodians each week. They clear out all of the cars and take out their mops and buckets and clean it up. I could hardly believe it the first time I saw it.

Each Friday I now teach a basketball elective class. With the construction of the new court, I was eager to volunteer to teach a class. All the kids ever talk about is football/soccer so I’m glad to help them learn some hoop skills as well.

The school also completely redid the back play yard and moved a play structure to the kindergarten play yard. The back play yard was then converted into a small football (soccer) field, complete with netting and lights. They even soldered their own goals. The other American and I have gone out and played with the kids. I must say I had never played soccer or basketball in a skirt until I go to Thailand