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Flying Stories – Argentina

There are two airports in Buenos Aires. Ezeiza is the main international airport that you will most likely fly into from non-South American countries. AEP is the airport right in the center of town and is only a 15 minute drive from most hotels. I went via this airport to Ushuaia, about a 4 hour flight south from Buenos Aires.

While going through security in the early hours of the morning, a family was right ahead of me. They had a sleeping child who was passed out on the shoulder of one of the parents. Well the security guard took the child and held it while the family went through then handed him off once they were through. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen in the airport but it definitely would never fly in the States.

As in Europe and Asia no bags are allowed in the Emergency Exit row. (Being tall I always ask and typically get it because the ticketing person takes pity on me.)

While on my flight down to Ushuaia, there was mild turbulence but on a scale of 0-10, it was a 1. Yet the seat belt sign remained on for the majority of the flight (I should note that it was turned on right after the beverage service). I had been sleeping due to the early morning hour so decided to go to the restroom upon waking up. I made my way back to the restroom and was promptly yelled at halfway down the aisle by the seated flight attendant to return to my seat. I was half awake and wasn’t really paying attention to what exactly was being said but I had a feeling I should probably sit down. A couple of other people tried the same but were told to sit down as well.

At a certain point it became what in my mind was an inhumane situation, especially given the lack of actual turbulence. I just charged back there and politely but desperately, asked in Spanish if I could please use the restroom. The flight attendant yelled at me some more and pointed at the seat belt sign but she did manage to unlock the restroom for me in the process, because yes, not only are you supposed to not get up but you can’t even get in the locked bathrooms.

As a traveler and a human being, at a certain point you don’t care when it comes to the bathroom. I will gladly pee anywhere if it means I don’t embarrass myself by peeing in my seat! In this case there was only one appropriate place since we weren’t in the great outdoors.