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I was fortunate on this trip to be able to visit two of the tiny countries in Europe, including Luxembourg.

The city/country is famous for the St. Adolphe Bridge which, like many things in Europe, was under construction.

I started off my visit at the Luxembourg City Museum to learn more about this small country. It was declared neutral in 1867 and its fortress was dismantled. It was drawn into WWI in 1914 with German occupation. In 1940 they were occupied again and speaking French was forbidden. The people were recruited into the army or joined the opposition – facing terror and deportation if caught.

Nearby is the Casemates du Bock. There were part of the fortress and allowed the soldiers to move below it in tunnels. One space was even a bedroom.

The exit is to a patio/terrace that has been declared the prettiest patio in Europe. The older part of the city is semi fortressed and high above a winding river below. It is quite beautiful!

In the town square each evening, I was treated to a musical performance. I brought my book and just enjoyed the ambiance (and some gelato!). In the square I saw: a clown, a Euro styled male in a tight tee and capris with a man bag, backpackers, a beggar, kids running around, a puppy chasing its tail, fanny packs!, vendors, gelato!, a McDonald’s, an older couple walking perfectly in sync that made you want to be them when you grow old with your partner, and selfie takers – a true mix of everything!20170611_175857873_iOS