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Belgian Chocolate!

Of the many food items that Belgium is known for (beer, mussels, waffles, fries, etc) chocolate is by far my favorite. How convenient that they have a chocolate museum with samples throughout!

The museum is located just off of Grand Platz. The visit starts off with a visit with a master chocolate maker. He made the point that they don’t make chocolate but they do form it. He showed up how pralines were made and then gave us a sample!

Little chocolate dispensaries were located throughout the museum. Displays showed where cocoa beans come from and how they’re processed. There were also various chocolate moldings and pourers.

Since 2003 the European Union has allowed up to 5% of other fats in chocolate other than cocoa butter, ruining the quality of it. Belgian chocolate has continued to use 100% cocoa butter in its chocolate, maintaining the high quality it is known for.