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Hong Kong and dogs

Dogs seem to be a welcome part of life in HK. At Victoria Peak there were dogs everywhere accompanying their owners on a walk around the peak or just sitting at a coffee shop taking in the atmosphere. Something I noticed in China as well as HK is that dogs do not have to be on a leash. In Datong, China, I noticed a man guiding his big Samoyed across the street by gently pushing it in the right direction, no leash in site. Small dogs, big dogs, there seemed to be no discrimination for the lack of leash law. Every city I’ve visited has had a plethora of pooches just roaming, staying fairly close to their owners of course.

At the top of Victoria Peak I noticed a sign about dos and don’ts for your dog. Leashes were encouraged for bigger dogs but it didn’t seem to say that they were required. What an interesting concept! There was also a sign for dog ice cream 🙂