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Going all out – Food style

Have you ever decided “I’m just going to go all out, no matter the cost” for something? We decided to do that for two of our meals in Scotland, both on Skye.

I looked up the best restaurants on Skye and selected two. The first was a dinner at Kinloch Lodge. The second a lunch at Three Chimney.

Our dinner at Kinloch Lodge was one of the best I have ever had. It definitely ranked very high on service as well, in addition to the absolutely delicious food. I should note that a lot of the Inns in Scotland serve nicer, fixed menu food. A reservation is required so they know how many to cook for and because a number of these Inns are in remote locations, such as Kinloch.

We began in the drawing room for pre-dinner drinks and canapes. A bird decided to fly in the window and join us so another gentleman and I helped it escape.

My group and I were in the private dining room so we may have had some extra special service but I still believe that the service was delightful no matter where guests were seated.

We had a five course meal and it was divine! Regrettably we took a photo of the wrong menu (the 7 course tasting menu instead of our standard 5 course) so you’ll just have to interpret the photos as you will.

For dessert there was the option of a cheese plate in addition to the listed dessert. A couple of us opted for this option. A whole cart of cheese was wheeled out to us ad we could select as many as we wanted. One that we chose was what Napoleon called the “King of all Cheeses,” it was quite smelly to say the least! Our server, who was pregnant, opted to have a different server bring the cheese cart to us as all of the smells were too much.

After dinner we retreated back to the drawing room for tea, coffee, and more sweets! These included a mango froth with kiwi sorbet and various tablets/fudge.

The setting of Kinloch Lodge was divine and hidden away from the main road. I’m sure for those that stay there it must have been a real retreat.

Three Chimneys is up a one lane road with a pretty setting on the water. The food was as equally well presented as at Kinloch. For both, I was amazed at the attention to detail. That was truly the most enjoyable part of both meals.