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One of my favorite parts about visiting the South is sweet tea. It’s a requirement in every restaurant.

I had a quick turnaround in Memphis and was bummed that the one thing I really wanted to do was closed on Tuesdays – The Civil Rights Museum. I should have learned after earlier this year I trekked for miles to find that a museum I wanted to go to was closed… I at least had the good sense to look it up first this time.

As I arrived too late and left to early for dinner at Rendezvous, I did make sure to engage in two other musts.20170207_184728752_iOS.jpg

The first was a visit to the historic Peabody Hotel to see the ducks. The ducks visit the lobby every day at 11:00am and 5:00pm. I recommend stopping by. It’s quick, cute, and free! They lay out the red carpet for these special ducks and reserve a special elevator just for them.

The second must is of course Beale Street. I was there in the middle of the day so it wasn’t as busy as it can get at night. There’s a lot of history and some great restaurants as well. I stopped off at the Blues City Cafe for lunch before heading out again.


For those Elvis fans, don’t forget to check out Graceland. It is outside of the downtown corridor but definitely worth a visit. They’ve even created their own hotel now!

On my way into town, my uber drive doubled as a tour guide and had us stop at the historic Sun Studios where many famous musicians have recorded.