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Word Search Fun

This week has been a time for fun and frolicking with the students. Finals were completed last week so this week I have just been doing worksheets with the students. 

My sixth grade class was doing one on transportation today and found a “naughty” word. I knew something was up but they wouldn’t say anything. I looked in the word search where they were looking and found it just as a student started saying “S-E…”  I said “SEX” aloud and they all laughed as 6th graders would. 

It seemed like a fitting way to end the class as I stare at a diagram of a penis and a vagina on the back wall everyday. 

Corporal Punishment

The parents of a first grader told my colleague to hit their son when he acts out in class…

Welcome to the world of Thai schools.

We are told to hit the students. We never do of course but I’ve seen it happen. Surprisingly enough I would say it is most common in one of my PreK classes. It seems to happen for random reasons such as a kid is sleeping in the path of the game, a kid is crying (makes sense to hit them to just make the cry more, right?), a kid won’t stand up or sit down, a kid fell and bumped their head, etc. It never seems to help the situation and only makes my job as the teacher harder.


I’ve found that the best way to get my students talking outside of class is to compliment them on something. They then get really excited and want to tell me all about it. I can see their little brains working as words just fly out in semi coherent thoughts, sometimes actually forming sentences. It is such a wonderful thing to witness.

Preparation for Scout Camp!

Yesterday the 4th through 6th graders made their own snack. Charcoal burning stoves were brought in and the kids attempted to light them. Some struggled for awhile.

They then started prepping food in their scout groups. Chopping vegetables, de-shelling prawns, and mincing meat. The flavors were delightful! On the menu was omelet, larb muu (minced pork meat with seasonings), phet kapow muu (minced pork meat with Thai basil and chilies), tom yum soup (prawns and vegetables), and a tomato vegetable sauce. I got to sample some and they were delicious!

It was great to see these Thai dishes made first hand. I feel ready to tackle some of these recipes at home now.

This weekend the 1st through 6th graders are headed to scout camp. They have two full days of activities and I can tell you every kid is looking forward to the experience!








Moments of the day

1) In grade 3 we are talking about words ending in ‘ck’

Student: Teacher! Clock ends in ‘ck’

Teacher: Yes! It does! Go add it to our list.

Student writes the word on the board but forgets the ‘L.’ Somehow they didn’t remember another word that ends in ‘ck’ even though I know they know it.

2) It has taken my 6th grade students all year to figure out that most of the answers are in the back. Apparently they never noticed me reading the dialogs from the back of the book until last week. Since they have now picked up on this I changed an answer. I then had the Thai teacher tell them that I have the power to change the answers. Once they understood they started laughing and stopped checking the back of the book.

Score one for the teacher!