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Candy corn!

Candy corn is sacred in the United States. And it’s also something that people seem to really hate or really love.

When I was in Cambodia, there was a Halloween party for a mix of ex-pats and Cambodians. A gentleman from the States had enough foresight to buy a big bag of candy corn during his recent visit back home. It was perfect for our Halloween party and made it actually feel like Halloween.

During the weekend following Halloween, there was a parade of tuktuk trick-or-treaters through downtown Phnom Penh. My friend and I made our way through PP and laughed at the traffic jam we saw ahead! So many tuktuks packed with little witches, Elsas, and pumpkins making a set loop to American businesses around the city. Their candy bags stuffed full of yummy treats. I can only imagine what the Cambodian tuktuk drivers though of our crazy holiday! (Sorry no photos it was too crazy!)