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Expectations when traveling 

A few days ago I was sitting at my hotel’s restaurant situated on a beautiful beach accessible only by boat. A couple sat down next to me and told the wait staff that they needed to get something quick as their tour left in 20 minutes. They then tried to order pizzas. The wait staff of course told them that pizzas were not possible in 20 minutes. They settled on something else. 

Meanwhile I sat a few feet away wanting to tell them to just go grab kebabs further down the beach and silently seething at their behavior. I know it shouldn’t bug me too much but it did especially because of the beauty of where we were and because of the amazing hospitality that the restaurant and hotel offered. A beach vacation is for relaxation not rushing. 

I would argue that everywhere other than the United States, eating is an experience. Wait staff don’t bring a check until it is requested and a table is considered yours until you depart. 

I recognize that there were not a lot of food options where we were but better time management would have provided a better overall experience for everyone. I just hope that they tipped the wait staff well.