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Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

For about 50 cents USD, one can cross the harbour (I added a U since I am in a British English area) and reach Hong Kong Island. Follow signs for the “Peak Tram” and 5 minutes later you will be on your way up to the top in a funicular for about $4 USD or $5.50 USD for a round trip fare.

The view from the top allows you to see all of the surrounding islands (as long as the smog has cleared). There is a path that will take you around the peak giving you a view from every angle. It takes about 45 min to do the loop. It is a wonderful shaded path and has signs about the trees and flowers that you pass.

There are homes and apartments that go for millions of dollars I’m sure. There is also a small shopping complex at the top.

I was glad I arrived before the rest of the tourists. On my way back, mid-afternoon, the line to go to up wound around the corner.