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Polar Glaciology and the Creation of the Antarctic Peninsula

I should mention again that this is not my information and it is coming from my memory. Do not take this as scientific fact 🙂

Ice forms at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Celsius. It is considered a mineral and floats because it contains air. A quick side note – it was quite fascinating cruising around close to the ice because you could hear the ice from thousands and thousands of years ago being released and sounding like pop rocks exploding all over.

A glacier is a natural body of ice that flows under its own weight and is formed by the accumulation of snow.

There are roughly 300 glaciers on the peninsula. Annual growth rings can be seen in icebergs, with darker layers indicating the top during summer and then the winter build up. P1050965.JPG

Snowflakes gradually build up to create glacial ice. It is amazing what can be found in the ice and air that compress to form these – volcanic eruptions, nuclear testing, lead in gas –> these can all be found in the ice.

Hercules and DC 3 airplanes fly in and land on the ice.

One British base, Halley, is even located on the ice shelf.

Antarctica is split into East, West, the Ronne Ice Shelf, the Ross Ice Shelf, and the Antarctic Peninsula. The East and West are divided by the Transantarctic Mountains.

Less than 2 percent of the bedrock is exposed on the icy continent.

The ice pushes the continent down, causing the sea bed to go up before plunging down.

Approximately 50 million years ago, Antarctica split from South America. This caused it to become thermally isolated and plunge into a deep freeze, losing warmth and energy from oceans.