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Inverness and Day Trips

My S.O. got his first taste of Spanish food in Inverness. (I know, I know, who eats Spanish food in Scotland, but we were getting sick of fish and chips!) I have a special place in my heart for the Spanish comida after having both studied and lived in Spain and am surprised it took me this long to give him a truly authentic Spanish experience. Chocolate con churros were on the menu of course!

After dinner we went for a walk to St. Andrew’s cathedral across the river and to some of the shops. It’s a very pretty downtown area, especially given the river. The houses and inns all have such a unique character to them.

We utilized Inverness as a home base to head north. Of course another distillery was on the agenda, this time Glenmorangie. Their symbol, or rather mascot is a giraffe because they have the tallest stills in Scotland and they are taller than a full-grown male giraffe. We got a chance to sniff some of the “spirit” on its way to becoming a spirit. Holy cow! (Or maybe I should say giraffe) The vapors cleared out our noses!

We drove farther up to Dunrobin Castle. This was quite the castle as it was designed for living vs. for a battle. The current owner turned it into a boarding house after inheriting it from her unvle. When that didn’t work out it was opened for tours. There was lots of land and magnificent gardens.

On the way south, we drove past Skibo castle which is where Madonna got married to Guy Ritche. I really should say drove past the property as we could not see the castle. Unlike Dunrobin, which was opened to the public, Skibo was turned into an exclusive property for wealthy people and provides a lot of privacy.

Finally, we ended our day with a trip to one more distillery – this time Dalmore. They had a unique blend called a cigar malt that is supposed to go well while smoking a cigar. While we didn’t have a cigar to go along with it, we were quite impressed with the flavor. We even purchased some upon our return to the States (through an online dealer).

Another unique whiskey that Dalmore offers is the Shackleton Whiskey. There whiskey was used to make a recreation of one that was found in Antarctica as part of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s base camp. It had been perfectly preserved in the ice. As part of international laws, nothing can be taken from the frozen continent so this was “borrowed” for sampling and then returned. I was tempted to buy some but the £120 price tag was a bit much, especially as this was before Brexit.