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A brief drive though St. Andrew’s

Regrettable, we didn’t spend as much time in St. Andrew’s as we had initially intended. We drove through the quaint town, past the castle, and the famous golf course to another of it’s famous golf courses for a late lunch.

St. Andrew’s consists of 7 golf courses, 6 of which are intertwined and in the heart of the town. The old course (original course) lies in the middle. We had lunch at the Castle Course which is on the outskirts of town with a lovely view looking back at the historic city.

Royal Golf

The course this weekend was beautiful! It’s still too early with my golf progression to discuss my score but I have excellent coaching. I spotted two water monitors in the water, a few sea eagles, a couple of dogs, and lots of interesting birds on the ground. There were also 7 kittens hanging out by the restaurant.




While I’ve dabbled at the driving range before I’ve never been golfing. That is no longer true. I met a group of expats who go golfing every weekend and after spending a few weekends at a nearby driving range I finally went golfing with them last weekend at Vintage Golf Club.

Overall I would say I did pretty decently. It was my first time so getting balls into the water was a given. I only did that 5 times though :). I did get a legit bogey on a par-3 so that is now my claim to fame!

In Thailand, dogs tend to join you on the course. This one pictured below was quite friendly and came right up to us.

Also in Thailand, and probably other places based on the writing on the packaging, they have “finger bras” for use when you are golfing.