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Palm Springs Overview and Walk of Stars

Similar to Hollywood, Palm Springs, CA has its own Walk of Stars. 

Palm Springs is a two-hour drive from Hollywood and was home to many glamorous movie stars. Studios wanted their stars within a two hour drive and Palm Springs provided the perfect retreat from the city. Full of relaxation, golf courses, palm trees, and a slower pace, movie stars (and many others) have enjoyed the relaxing enclave that is Palm Springs. 

It’s now home to a fair number of snowbirds (retirees who seek warmth during the winter months), a thriving gay community, and of course year-long residents. It was quite noticeable that there are a number of retirees as there is no rush-hour. 

The city plays homage to its Hollywood past with the Walk of Stars in the downtown corridor. Most streets are also named after movie stars. 

Another reminder of Hollywood is the way Bob Hope’s house looms large with a vantage point on a hill looking over the city. It’s a space age style house that is on the market!