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Manneken Pis (And Jeanneke too!)

Manneken Pis is supposedly the third most famous statue in the world after the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer. It has over 900 costumes and tends to have a new one every couple of days. While I was there I saw one from Ethiopia and another costume whose actual theme I can’t remember.

The oldest costume is from King Louis and was a gift after his soldier stole the statue. Manneken has a wide variety of costumes, even a condom costume worn for World AIDS Day. 20170610_085255926_iOS

Nearby is the Garderobe Manneken Pis which features a small number of the costumes gifted to this little statue. Some have some pretty unique backstories as well. An audio guide is included with the cheap price of admission. It’s worth a visit and won’t take too long.

The ticket to the Garderobe also gets you into the City Museum which is the former King’s house. It features the original Manneken Pis Statue and a couple more costumes.


20170610_084150679_iOSIn the 1980s, Jeanneke Pis was added in the alleyway next to the Delirium Cafe. If you go at night as I did it could be a little intimidating with a bunch of drunk people standing around blocking your path but just push through and make your way to the back to see this gem. The money thrown into her fountain goes to cancer research so donate away!