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“My Antarctica Honeymoon” – Jenny Darlington

“Take the Rockies, The Alps and Mount Washington. Cover them with thick crusted snow that, like frosting spread by a giant’s hand has spilled down over the land to end in a jagged, uneven border where it meets the sea.

Imagine yourself on a spaceship in another world. A world that for ten million years has been locked away behind ramparts of ice, where escape is blocked in all directions by a cruel, cold, ocean.

Take all the adjectives in Mr. Roget’s Thesaurus and you still haven’t got it. For nothing, not even Mr. Roget’s best can convey one’s first impression of that vast, mysterious immensity of ice.

It is a less in humility, an unforgettable reminder of man’s mortality, and it is like no other place on earth.”

From “My Antarctic Honeymoon” by Jenny Darlington, one of the first two women to over winter in Antarctica 1947-1948,