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Ch = J

Chatachuk Market aka JJ Market is the best place to get cheap goods in Thailand in my opinion. Platinum Mall has cheap wholesale prices but JJ has a completely different atmosphere with better prices in my opinion. And there’s a variety of items to choose from. Let’s see where should I start:
– well there’s clothing of course
– puppies, kittens and rabbits (and a whole pet section! Think Petco for how much stuff they had)
– American coins, including pennies for 6 US cents (coin collectors)
– baby squirrels
– hand crafted soaps and other smelly stuff (think Bath and Body Works)
– more clothing, particularly a lot of tie dye actually
– art
– jewelry
– kitchen wares
– dish sets
– hand bags
– shoes
– an outdoor food court!!! With all sorts of street vendors. They even had frozen, chocolate dipped banana with nuts (yes, I got one….)

They basically had everything you could ever desire! It was quite an experience. The market is open on the weekends only from 9am-6pm. We were glad we arrived early as it was still kind of cool and breezy walking through the stalls.