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Cambodia Landmine Museum

The Cambodia Landmine Museum was created by a Cambodian man who has worked to dismantle landmines his whole life.

Facts I took away from it:

– 1/250 Cambodians are affected by landmines.

– The U.S. killed 600,000 people during the bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail from 1965-1973.

– They think there are still 3-6 million landmines that have not exploded.

– The landmines were placed to keep people from leaving and entering the country during the time of the Khmer Rouge.

– The purpose of the landmines was to maim versus kill because you had to care for the inured versus burying a body.

– The U.S. refuses to sign the landmine ban (Ottawa Treaty to ban landmines) because there isn’t a “Korean exception.” The U.S. thinks that one million landmines on the North/South Korea border are crucial to preventing North Korea from attacking South Korea.