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Off to find Nessie!

I am sad to report that we unfortunately, did not find Nessie… However we had a great time seeking her out!

After I accidentally led us to the wrong place, we were able to quickly zoom to the correct place and make it aboard on time. It was chilly but not rainy so we were excited to be out on the water. The boat took us through part of the Caldonian canal, which was built to creat a water passage way through Scotland. As soon as it was finished though it was rendered obsolete as ships were bigger and would not be able to pass.

On the cruise we passed Aldarie Castle where Mel Gibson stayed while filming Braveheart. There was also  a small dock built specifically for Queen Victoria’s visit to the Highlands. The tour then turned towards Urquhart castle to drop more than half of the group off. We continued on back.

Lochness is the deepest lake in Scotland, nearing 700+ feet at its deepest point. It slopes deeply into the middle, with steep banks.