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Shloss Nymphenburg

I went for a nice afternoon visit to this Summer Palace that used to be outside of the city and now is barely on the outskirts. It’s a quick train ride outside of the city.

  • Bavaria has the largest amount of land but not the largest population
  • The palace is original as it was not bombed during WW2.
  • The palace was built between 1664 and 1749.
  • The Royal family is now known as Dukes. They still reside at the palaces and as a result one is unable to visit the entirety of most castles.
  • King Ludwig II was the eccentric, mad king. When he was at Berg he went for a walk with the doctor and never came back. He was found in a foot of water. There are of course a million theories.
  • The bedrooms were designed in green as it was thought to calm one down.
  • Her name was Lola! She was a showgirl! Her real name was Lola Montez but really Eliza Dolores Gilbert. She said she was from Spain but she was really from Ireland. She was married, then divorced and had to make money somehow. She was trained in dance and had her first performance in Royal Albert Hall in London. She met the king and was given horses. She tried to influence the king and the people weren’t that happy… The people went and did some research, finding her records and discovering her lies. She went to Switzerland and then to the US. She wanted to be rich. However it never happened. She moved to Brooklyn at age 40 an died shortly thereafter. She is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery. Now of course you wonder why this is mentioned. She was one of the famous women painted and hanging on the walls of Shloss Nymphenburg. 20170615_113914667_iOS
  • Th house, gates, and servant houses formed an enormous circle. It was pretty amazing. There were lots of gardens in the back of the palace.