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A quick trip from Hong Kong is Macau. It takes about an hour in a ferry that comes equipped with wifi. I left in the morning and came back later that evening.

Macau is considered the Vegas of Asia, complete with casinos and big hotels. I walked through the the Wynn Casino for a while and was tempted to gamble but did refrain. It even had a water show every 15 minutes.





Even with the Vegas attractions, the city has a lot to offer. Macau was originally inhabited by the Portuguese and all signs still have Portuguese, in addition to English and Chinese. The streets all have Portuguese names as well. Since I know Spanish, I was able to navigate the city pretty easily.

First stop was Senate Square, home to what was later named the Loyal Senate after Macau’s loyalty to Portugal during the Philippine dynasty. Cobblestone streets lead one from the square to the ruins of Sao Paolo. Only the facade remains of this church. Next to it is a fortress that houses a museum about the history of the small country. From the fortress, one could see the lighthouse on another high point in the city. It was one of the first in Asia.





Wandering up to Augustine Square, I went into the first Catholic Church in all of my Asian travels thus far. It’s been temples, temples, and more temples. Coming down from this high point I went to the avenue de felicidades (happiness). It used to house the red light district but now has some great food stalls. I stopped for a kebab.





All around town there were egg tarts so I got one. It was a nice treat! There was also flattened, marinated meat in large chunks. I managed to snag a sample as the prices looked steep. It was delicious! Melt in your mouth, tender, perfect taste delicious!