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I took advantage of a free walking tour beginning in Marienplatz, named after the statue of Mary.

  • 85% of the city was bombed during WW2 so now there are multiple building materials per building, showing the patched up places.
  • It is mandatory for high school students to visit a concentration camp. They also have classes about the psychology behind the war.
  • There’s a monkey tower, named because a monkey grabbed a baby, Ludwig IV, and carried him up it. The tower was destroyed during WW2 bombings but was able to be recreated due to an unusual source – Adolf Hitler. Hitler moved to Munich in 1915 to become a painter after he was rejected from an art school in Vienna. The monkey tower was one of his many painting spots.20170613_124647945_iOS
  • Traditional clothing: A dirndall for women has a blouse, skirt, and apron. A knot on the left means you’re single. Liederhosen is the traditional outfit for men and literally means leather pants. Both of these were working gear initially and now have turned into the traditional costume of festivals, for example Oktoberfest.
  • Oktoberfest started with Ludwig I’s wedding celebration. He gave free beer to the people and they demanded he continue the tradition. While originally in October, it was moved to September to attract more tourists.
  • The Residenz was the king’s city residence. It was bombed by the allies because they thought it was the Nazi HQ but it was not. As a result it has been completely redone. One of the first rooms is a semi-outside room that is decorated all with shells. It is quite amazing!
  • The English Gardens is a large park area behind the Residenz. A river runs through it and there’s one area where people surf. It’s crazy! You’ll also notice some skinny dippers of all ages enjoying the fresh air and cool water.
  • Field Marshall’s Hall is at one end of Ludwigstrasse with the victory arch at the other end. The Nazi’s used this area to show off on parade. The building are close together so the marching military would be loud and echo off of the buildings.
  • Church’s towers at Frauenkirche supposedly have a devil’s footprint.
  • The famous Glockenspiel “performs” a couple of times a day, depending on the time of the year. I went to the evening performance. It was not the most exciting but it is something to see if it fits into your day. I do believe that if you are going to see it you must stay for the entirety of the performance, including the final cuckoos at the very end. Otherwise I don’t feel as though you can say you actually saw it.