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Sunflowers and Monkeys

I love sunflowers. They are such happy flowers that it’s hard not to smile when seeing one.

In November and December in Thailand, you can drive to Saraburi or Lopburi to see the beautiful sunflower fields. There is also a train that goes in the morning.

I went with some friends this weekend. The drive from Bangkok only takes about two hours. Our first stop was a monkey temple. As expected, monkeys were everywhere. There were stands offering a variety of things to feed them – peanuts, yogurt drinks, kool-aid in plastic pouches, peanuts, etc. One friend partook in feeding the monkeys meanwhile I stood back and observed. I could see one monkey on the umbrella near her and then all of the sudden it was on her! I made sure to stay away from all of the monkeys and only had one try and grab onto my leg. There were some fights for the food items. It was pretty cute to see the mamas and the babies though.








The next stop was the sunflower fields! It was beautiful! We walked out into the middle of the field. I was still taller than all of the flowers but some came fairly close. These were not the gigantic head sunflowers, just the normal size. I hadn’t realized that they still grew so tall.

We found a field with a great mountain landscape behind it for some photos. It was such a wonderful day!