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Ushuaia – Museo Maritimo and Presidio

This museum is home to multiple mini-museums within it’s walls including: the Maritime Museum, the Prison Museum,the Antartic Museum,the Marine Art Museum, an Art Gallery, and the history of the city of Ushuaia.

It’s housed in the building that was home to the prison which was built in a spoke style with a central gathering place which appeared to be used as a gym, with basketball lines on the tiled cement floor (also a bar for the naval crew!).

In 1882, Ushuaia was developed as a penal colony, starting out with just a few dozen people and prisoners who had been selected due to their building skills. Gradually more people came down and more prisoners.

Give its remoteness there were no visitors for the prisoners and the guards lived a lifestyle similar to the prisoners in regards to meals and cold weather. Prisoners preferred working as it kept them warm and occupied versus freezing in their cells.

Given the unique layout of the prison/museum, one spoke covered the prison, another Antarctic adventurers, one with photography, and one with smaller area with nature and Darwin information.

The Antarctic section covered a lot of the Argentine explorers and also talked about how dogs were banned and had to be revmoed a number of decades ago.

The photography section was spectacular! Photos of ice formations, of penguins, the winter night sky. I wish I could just put all of it up on my walls.



They had a special room for the visually impaired to experience. I had never seen anything like that before. img_9432img_9433img_9434img_9436img_9437img_9438img_9440img_9441img_9442img_9443