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HCMC museums

The first museum I visited in HCMC was the Reunification Palace. A fun fact is that a bomb was dropped on it in 1975 but missed its target. The pilot who missed is now Vice President of Vietnam airlines because he was the only one who could drive a Boeing aircraft back then.

The palace hasn’t been used as a residence since the 1970s and is currently used as a museum. The tour includes the residence and a bunker.


The War Remnants Museum was a real eye opener for me as an America It definitely shames the U.S. for even getting involved in the war.

70-100 million liters of toxic chemicals were dropped on the Vietnamese between 1961 and 1971. This includes Agent Orange, which not only had devastating effects back then but continues to now and will continue for generations to come. It stays in people’s systems, disfiguring and deforming their children. The photos were really hard to look at. The chemicals also destroy the ecosystem. One thing that was nice to see was a section on protests in the U.S. For instance, protests in D.C. and the shootings at Kent State. Additionally that was a section on photographers killed in the war.